Fun things to do in Boise Idaho


Welcome to Boise, Idaho! Let me tell you how lucky you are to find this article. We have compiled a list of things for you to do based on our years of experience of living in the area. If you don’t find something that sounds fun on this list then you’re out of luck, go see a movie.

Green Belt

The Green Belt is 25 miles long and provides access to various entertainment throughout. If you are looking to get an idea of what Boise is really like, ride a bicycle up and down the Green Belt stopping on regular basis at all the attractions and parks. The Green Belt moves along the Boise River and offers a green way to commute and travel around Boise. For more information go click here to the City of Boise website.

The Boise Greenbelt can be accessed from a large amount of areas. Check google maps for parks and access. The river and path runs from Lucky Peak dam all the way past Eagle. If you are looking for a relaxing walk or bike ride that will give you an Idea of Idaho and Boise, you should check this out.

The Boise River

On a hot summer day, nothing beats floating down the Boise River. The Boise River is full of fun activities. Still loaded with wildlife. From rope swings to winter photography a trip to the Boise river will brighten up your soul. 

Float the River

During the summertime, the Boise River fills up with rafters and floaters. Starting at Barber Park and exiting at Ann Morrison. This can be one of the most relaxing things to do in Boise. But stay safe. It is still a river and can be dangerous. A good raft and staying aware make this river safe. I have also found it very productive to bring a fishing pole with one or two lures.

Boise White Water Park

This is an old dam on the Boise River that was converted into a waveshaper. The device can be turned to shape waves for different activities. Sometimes it is set up for kayakers and other times it is set up for surfers.

Boise Philharmonic

If you are looking for something more relaxing to do in the Boise area you might find the Boise Philharmonic to be a perfect experience. With a wide variety of performances, there will most likely be a show that will interest you. The musicians that play in the Boise Philharmonic are talented and perform at a high level of professionalism. This is an awesome adventure that supports the local economy while taking you away to another place


Capital City Public Market

This is a great place to find locally grown food and a way to support our local economy. There is more than just food here with a selection of artisan vendors. This is a nice relaxing way to get an idea of the Boise vibe and meet some of the people. This market has been operating in Boise on Saturdays since 1944. You can find things here like fresh Agriculture, handmade artisan items and specialty foods.

Boise Farmers Market

The Boise Farmers market hosts a wide array of produce and prepared foods. There are over 60 farmers, ranchers and producers. This market is open on Saturdays in downtown Boise and is a neat way to get a taste of what our farmers have to offer. Idaho residents are proud of their produce and work hard to bring some of the healthiest food to this Boise Market.


Boise offers some of the most amazing parks with various activities entangled into the parks. You can do anything from walking, to playing disk golf, to biking, and floating the river. Most of the parks in Boise are vast and old, with some being donated or purchased over a 100 years ago. They offer some amazingly peaceful scenery for unwinding or taking pictures. Check out the links below to get to the City of Boise Parks and Rec website. This site offers some great information and lists of activities you can do. 

Ann Morrison

Barber Park

Julia Davis Park

Idaho Botanical Gardens

This is a hidden gem nestled in the foothills just north of Boise. This 50 acre park is a living museum of native plants, history and conservation. This is a perfect place for the whole the family. If you are looking for a relaxing experience that shows the beauty and heart of Boise, then this is it. Boise is about creating a culture of peace and love for the place you live. Places like the Botanical Garden were created in Boise to bring happiness and togetherness for our community. These characteristics show with places like the Botanical Garden – where you can do anything from get educated on horticulture, to meditating or watching a live concert.

Drive to Swan Falls:

This is a similar alternative for the Birds of Prey museum. While that place is awesome, a drive to Swan Falls Dam to look at the canyon is its own sort of spectacular – especially if done at sunset. This drive is about 45 minutes from Boise.  It is a substitute for the Birds of Prey museum because this whole area has been dedicated to the birds of prey. On the drive to the canyon keep your eyes open along the fence lines and out in the fields. You will most likely see hawks, falcons, eagles, and vultures. When you get to the canyon there are multiple pull-off areas for gazing or getting epic pictures. There are usually large birds of prey on the cliffs or circling down below on the Snake River.



Bogus Basin

Freak alley

This local favorite is located between 8th and 9th streets and Main and Idaho streets. It is a feature of great local artists who regularly paint the alley. The best part? It is constantly being repainted, so you can go back again and again with new pieces to see every time.

Frisbee Golf



While there are many parks and schools that offer public access to tennis courts, we have something great here. Eagle Tennis Club offers an indoor tennis court to keep up on your game all year long. 

Discovery Center

The Discovery Center of Idaho is a fun, engaging way to explore STEM related education. It is full of exhibits and exhibitions which are traded out regularly, making this an option to visit again and again. There are also many programs and events hosted at the Discovery Center and you can even book your own parties there. 



Road Trips

Watch a Game


There is no doubt you have heard about the blue turf. There is nothing quite like seeing it in person or feeling the rumble of the thunderous Bronco Stadium. Boise State also has a great marching band that puts on an enjoyable halftime show!



The Boise Hawks are a local favorite. If you enjoy relaxing in the evening with the smell of popcorn lingering and the sound of a bat cracking, take yourself out to the ballgame. 

Downtown in the Evening


St Chapelle Winery


If beer is more your style, Boise offers a fantastic selection of local breweries – 10 Barrel Brewing, Sockeye Brewery, Powerhouse Brewing Co and

 Woodland Empire just to name a few